Sector: Technology

Challenge: Making a difference in the world, but nobody knew what ‘the one thing’ was, nor how, why and where it was implemented.




Tax system revenues managed


Countries operating in





‘Our Single Organizing Idea has proven to be a powerful and effective tool that helps us come to decisions quickly and easily time and time again.’

Bill Chatwin, CEO, DataTorque.

DataTorque is a New Zealand company that uses technology to develop, implement and support IT systems, ensuring developing countries can collect and manage essential tax revenues.

The challenge.

The challenge facing DataTorque was that while they clearly had a winning strategy, nobody knew what their core message was, nor how, why and where it was implemented.

The approach.

DataTorque set up interviews, workshops, benchmarking and research into the future direction of the sector. Over a period of eight weeks, a complete picture of DataTorque and its ecosystem was established, and the key ingredients to their success identified and defined.

The effect.

DataTorque’s single organizing idea, ‘Collective Success’, brought into sharp focus what the firm was in the business of doing. It is continually referenced to help drive new efficiencies, reduce costs, establish trust with stakeholders, explain new initiatives and drive up levels of service.

Other Case Studies

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