Sector: Development

Challenge: The need to articulate a purpose and positioning that would have greater impact across the world, uniting the different stakeholders.




Revenue in millions 2021


Countries operated in each year




Million people reached to meet urgent needs and build long-term resilience

‘Wherever we are in the world, our Single Organizing Idea, is at the heart of what we do – guiding our decision making and inspiring us to be at our best.’

David Weiss, CEO, Global Communities.

Global Communities delivers essential solutions to complex challenges from the intersection of humanitarian assistance, sustainable development and financial inclusion. 

The challenge.

After years of success, Global Communities found itself in a sector facing major challenges. To compete for donor funding, the best people, and private sector partnerships, it needed to articulate a purpose and positioning that would have greater impact across the world, uniting the different stakeholders.

The approach.

By engaging with key stakeholders around the world they identified a compelling strategic framework that captured the truth of the organisation. Through the single organising idea, ‘Partners for Good’, they created a simple framework that could be utilised by everyone working with Global Communities to achieve shared objectives.

The effect.

The creation of a single organizing idea led to new relationships being formed across the world in the private and government sectors. Staff engagement and recruitment policies are now aligned, as is the approach to research and development of new ideas. Partners for Good has been embedded across the organization, helping Global Communities improve and achieve its objectives around the world.

Other Case Studies

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