Ade Palmer-Geaves

Chief Technical Officer

Ade got into technology at an early age, specialising in computer science in the early 1980’s. He has been a business leader in the technology sector ever since. In the mid 1990’s he founded EnlightKS which he grew into a successful ed-tech business selling it to PSI Services LLC where he took up a position as Chief Innovation Officer.

His experience means he knows how to design and build enterprise solutions, but also how to develop a critical success path and product development road map in a young rapidly growing business.

Ade’s passion for education and impact businesses made BusinessThriver a natural fit for his values, skill set and ability to help us achieve our vision and purpose.

When not developing tech stacks, Ade loves to spend time with his family, and carve out some time for his love of endurance sport, especially cycling, and you will regularly see him cycling across remote parts of the UK and Europe. When not cycling he loves to ski, and travel remote parts of the world with anyone willing to head out into the wilderness with him.

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