Clive Mitchell

Board Advisor

Clive grew up in an entrepreneurial family and continues to apply his passion for engineering and business problem solving. Aged 16, he designed and implemented a computer based invoicing, ticketing, CRM system for an international yacht charter business.

He went on to study engineering at Warwick, earning a Royal Navy scholarship, progressing through the ranks to Lieutenant Commander responsible for real time computing, communication systems, IT and cyber security.

Clive then became a Director of Evolution Consulting Group providing Fintech solutions to Investment Banks and Private Equity before ‘FinTech’ was a thing.

These skills earned him directorships at Morse Transaction Services, PwC, and CIO for Bourne Leisure. Here Clive designed and executed a series of major digital transformation programmes to drive better customer experience, efficiency and operational effectiveness across its 53 sites and 14,000 staff. His work at Bourne Leisure gave him recognition as one of the UK’s top CIO’s. The lure of FinTech brought Clive back into the finance sector co-founding Railsbank after he identified a global need for a platform to bring together the global banking systems and the FinTech community. This concept saw Railsbank grow from a start-up to half $Bn valuation within 5 years.

If you are lucky you will find him somewhere on the south coast either on, in, or near the sea with his family of six.

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